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Sugarfoot Rag

This song is by Ella Fitzgerald and appears on the compilation Ladies Sing the Blues (2003).

Gonna get out my sycamore and shine up my shoes
Meet my baby and tell her the news
I bet my bundle on a swayback nag
And I came home winner with a plenty of swag

One foot, two foot, slew foot, drag
Swing your honey to the Sugarfoot Rag
Dig a little jig with a zig and a zag
And listen to the guitar play the Sugarfoot Rag

I got a big jug of cider and a bottle of wine
One's for and honey and the other is mine
Sip on the cider and sip on the wine
Both sip together and a have a good time

One foot, two foot, slew foot, drag
Gonna spend all my money and a git on a Jag
Swing my honey to the Sugarfoot Rag

Walk right up and stomp on the floor
And swing up the middle with a shoe-fly four


Written by:

Hank Garland; George Vaughn

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