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I Must Have That Man

This song is by Ella Fitzgerald and appears on the compilation album Souvenir Album (1947) and on the compilation album Portrait (2003).

I'm so unhappy, left all alone
Ain't got nobody to love now
The man I long for is not so strong for me

He's not an angel, but I don't care
Perhaps a change'll come some day
Whatever he is, I want to be his way

Don't want my mammy, I don't need a friend
My heart is broken, it won't ever mend
I ain't much carin' just where I will end
But I must have that man

I'm like an oven that's cryin' for heat
He treats me awful each time that we meet
It's just unlawful how that boy can cheat
I must have that man

He's hot as Hades, a lady's
Not safe in his arms when she's kissed
But I'm afraid that he's cooled off
And maybe I'm ruled off his list, I'll never be missed

I need that person much worse'n just bad
I'm half alive and it's drivin' me mad
He's only human, if he's to be had
I must have that man

When all the world is topsy turvy
One kiss from him and away go worry
That's how I know
I must have that man

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