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Don't Dream of Anybody but Me

This song is by Ella Fitzgerald and appears on the album Things Ain't What They Used to Be (And You Better Believe It) (1970).

Though you vacation in Hawaii
Or go to Switzerland to ski
When you're scanning the snow-covered mountain
Or fanning yourself by the sea
Don't dream of anybody but me

Though you may fly the Scottish Highlands
Or take a trip to some isle near Napoli
When you're whistling "The Campbells Are Coming"
Or humming "The Isle Of Capri"
Don't dream of anybody but me

In a cafe on the Rhine
Any place along the line
I'll forgive you when a stranger
Puts your little heart in danger
If his face resembles mine

When a guy at a mike in a nightclub
Begins bellowing something off-key
Won't even mind if suddenly he reminds you of me

No matter where you care to roam
Doesn't even matter whom you choose to see
Whenever your head hits that pillow
Whatever the hour may be
Don't dream of anybody but me
Don't dream of anybody but me
Don't dream of anybody but me


Written by:

Bart Howard; Neal Hefti

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