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Born To Be Blue

This song is by Ella Fitzgerald and appears on the album Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie! (1961).

This song has been covered by Elizabeth Shepherd under the title "Born To Be Blue".
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Born To Be Blue
Some folks were meant to live in clover
But they are such a chosen few
And clover being green is something I've never seen
'Cause I was born to be blue

When there's a yellow moon above me
They say there's moonbeams I should view
But moonbeams being gold are something I can't behold
'Cause I was born to be blue

When I met you the world was bright and sunny
When you left the curtain fell
I'd like to laugh but nothing strikes me funny
Now my world's a faded pastel

Well, I guess I'm luckier than some folks
I've known the thrill of loving you
And that alone is more than I was created for
'Cause I was born to be blue


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