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This song is by Elderstaar and appears on the album Sterling Dreams (2001).

Why Christianity must entail condemnation confuses the spirit and the mind,
You seek and you find,
Righteousness loosely defined not by mine
But the godly man inside, faith realized
A girl fertilized by a man who never heard her cries
He fades away, but a son still gets circumcised
A teenage mother with a middle-aged sister, but no brother
Intercourse w/ no rubber even in divorce her parents smother
Her life w/ religion, not Christ but fiction
Premeditated indecision engineered to blind vision
Perceived her family to be, a melancholy
Version of Apathy, the standard hypocrisy
An engine turns over from an angry dad's key,
A roaring suv masquerading badly
A magazine, viewed craftily, casually placed tactfully
On a shelf with alcohol the price reduced drastically

REBUKE condemnation rebuked
ABUSE condemnation abused
THE USE so confused misused
THE TRUTH condemnation rebuked

So where'd he find it in himself to judge the kingdom inside her
A disturbed man self proclaimed sin fighter
A wack church doctrine keeps his spirit locked in place
He smiles at his daughter w/ a sarcastic mocking face
A Sunday drive filled w/ mundane pride
A peoples Sunday tithe pays for Mondays lie and backsliding
An individual never followed the masses
Doesn't fit the mold built by god not blacksmiths
But acid poured from a church's heart no compassion
Only action inspired by an imperfect man's ration-
Alle Can't think, only speaks to repeat
Like a record that time can't keep, loses it's beat
Modern day pharisee lost and scared to bleed
Lays down to die in a soiled street laced with dragon feed
Lured to a lair a religious snare with no escape
Swallowed your own key self, inflicted mind rape

Let it come out of you

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