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  1. Human Child
  2. Mercy of Darkness
  3. Do not Weep
  4. Mother Teresa
  5. Trees in the Wind
  6. You are All
  7. Listen
  8. The Waltz
  9. Snowflakes Within
  10. Elisabet og Elinborg



  • Eivør - vocal, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Graham Henderson - keys, keyboard bass, Hammond organ, cymbalum
  • Liam Bradley - drums, backing vocals
  • Noel Eccles - percussion, darabuka, djembe bass
  • Paul Moore - accoustic and electric bass
  • Anthony Drennan - electric guitar, slide electric guitar
  • Davy Spillane - uilleann pipes, low whistle
  • Cora Venus Lunny - violin, viola
  • Dónal Lunny - acoustic guitar, bouzouki, bódhrán, guitar bass, autoharp, backing vocals


The Album was released on 18 July in the Faroe Islands. It is the English version of Mannabarn, translations by Petur Pólson

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