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First floor:
where the blind men live
who believe in what they see
and the deaf
who believe in what they hear,
tied to a kitchen chair
there is a maniac, who believes
in what he can touch
(his hands on his legs)

Second floor:
roll for roll
length for length
woodchip wallpaper
lodgers are standing in the corridor
attentively staring at the walls
length for length
searching for typos and misprints
but couldn't even make out their own name

Let's get to the next floor
which, o look! hasn't been finished yet
only accessible by stairway
the falsity here is property of the company
they tile the floor with it
and no one is allowed near them

4th floor:
here is the home of the architect
succeeds in his plans
this building is filled with ideas
it ranges from basement to roof
and from basement to roof

the ground floor
has four doors
they lead out-of-doors
or rather to the headstone
here's the place to wait for everyone who wants to
concrete's coming 12 o'clock
groundbreaking ceremony
train of thought aborted
at face level fascistic
infamous or catholic violet
for better orientation

the roof is damaged
there's an old man sitting in the truss
death angels are laying on the ground
(they look similar to him)
he holds a gun between his legs
and aims for his mouth
and inside the head
and outside the head
and through the head
the bullet soaks
god has shot himself
the attic is renovated
god has shot himself
the attic is renovated
lies, lies, lies
the attic is renovated


this is a cellar
here do I live
this is the darkness
wet and comfortable
this is a castle)