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Nowhere In No Time

This song is by Eilen Jewell and appears on the album Sea of Tears (2009).

Well the shape I'm in
I'm a sight for sore eyes
Been rung out and hung out
Strung out on the line

And all the girls they line up
At the bar downtown
Everybody's waitin' for somethin' to go down

I'm just passin through
Don't pay it no mind'
I'll be nowhere in no time

See the highway sign
Where the sage is growin'
The tumbleweeds they tumble
And the dust clouds roll
I want to gather them all up
Follow the threads of their soul
To the end where it all feels like home

I'm just passin' through
Stay between the lines
I'll be nowhere in no time

I'm just passin' through
Don't pay it no mind
I'll be nowhere in no time

I'll be no where in no time.


Written by:

Eilen Jewell

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