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Back To Dallas

This song is by Eilen Jewell and appears on the album Boundary County (2005) and on the Live album Live At The Narrows (2015).

Lay around the shack all day
Bootlegging for your sorry pay
I don't care what your mama say
You're going back to Dallas

Ain't worth a gunny sack of beans
Worst case a girl 'bout ever seen
You love me like a bulldog baby just as mean
Now you're going back to Dallas

Hello central information please
Give me all the numbers I need
I got some money for the driving fee
'Cause he's going back to Dallas

Tom cats never made so many goddam rounds
You just can't ignore that old howling sound
Honey you done let that deal go down
Now you're going back to Dallas


Written by:

Eilen Jewell

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