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Who The Fuck Killed John Lennon?

This song is by Eighteen Visions and appears on the album Until The Ink Runs Out (2000).

No motive here.
He could've been programmed to kill.
The beatles just died.
Today a plane flew over lennon and london came crashing down.
Today we say goodbye.
To you john lennon.
We loved john lennon. who shot john lennon. who killed john lennon
Those round tainted glasses will not reflect this life cut short.
This is a death of a legend.
Someone shot him down.
The bullet screams. this is the end. we'll never know what could've been.
Who killed john lennon. rock. wasted away by a stranger.
Wasted away by a trend.
The streets cry goodnight. it won't be longhe could've been programmed to kill.
This suicide. now the city of londons gonna blow.
There it goes!
Who killed john lennon?
The early beatles just aged. and it's gonna be a long goodnight.
It was mark david chapman that was not ruled insane.
Not insane he killed the notion of the love nut assassin.
Today a plane flew over lennon.
Today a plane flew over london.

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