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Fracture (Fallout Of The 1st Kind/The Last Refrain)

This song is by Edison's Children and appears on the album In The Last Waking Moments... (2011).

A laser beam like out of a dream paralyzed
A muted scream like a movie theme lights up the sky...
Fireflies dance around your eyes feel the rise
So step inside begin the ride it's your time to fly...

See with my eyes believe in my mind
But I can't explain
Light up the sky in the dead of the night
Like it was yesterday
What is it you want
Why would you come all this way?
Of all the people around
Inside of this town why am I to blame?

Bleeding out... through the last refrain
Lost inside... of what you can't explain
Feel the skid... across a blind turn
The flame ignites... into a slow burn

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