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Eddie Money (1977)

Eddie Money - Eddie Money

Eddie Money

  1. Two Tickets to Paradise
  2. You've Really Got a Hold on Me
  3. Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star
  4. Save a Little Room in Your Heart for Me
  5. So Good to Be in Love Again
  6. Baby Hold On
  7. Don't Worry
  8. Jealousys
  9. Got to Get Another Girl
  10. Gamblin' Man

Life for the Taking (1978)

Eddie Money - Life for the Taking

Life for the Taking

  1. Life for the Taking
  2. Can't Keep a Good Man Down
  3. Nightmare
  4. Gimme Some Water
  5. Rock and Roll the Place
  6. Maybe I'm a Fool
  7. Love the Way You Love Me
  8. Maureen
  9. Nobody
  10. Call on Me

Playing for Keeps (1980)

Eddie Money - Playing For Keeps

Playing For Keeps

  1. Trinidad
  2. Running Back
  3. The Wish
  4. Get a Move On
  5. When You Took My Heart
  6. Satin Angel
  7. Let's Be Lovers Again
  8. Nobody Knows
  9. Million Dollar Girl

No Control (1982)

Eddie Money - No Control

No Control

  1. Shakin'
  2. Runnin' Away
  3. Think I'm in Love
  4. Hard Life
  5. No Control
  6. Take a Little Bit
  7. Keep My Motor Runnin'
  8. My Friends, My Friends
  9. Drivin' Me Crazy
  10. Passing by the Graveyard (Song for John B.)
  11. It Could Happen to You

Where's the Party? (1983)

Eddie Money - Where's the Party-

Where's the Party?

  1. Maybe Tomorrow
  2. Bad Girls
  3. Club Michelle
  4. Back on the Road
  5. Don't Let Go
  6. The Big Crash
  7. Where's the Party?
  8. Leave It to Me
  9. Backtrack

Can't Hold Back (1986)

Eddie Money - Can't Hold Back

Can't Hold Back

  1. Take Me Home Tonight
  2. One Love
  3. I Wanna Go Back
  4. Endless Nights
  5. One Chance
  6. We Should Be Sleeping
  7. Bring on the Rain
  8. I Can't Hold Back
  9. Stranger in a Strange Land
  10. Calm Before the Storm

Nothing to Lose (1988)

Eddie Money - Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose

  1. Walk on Water
  2. Magic
  3. The Love in Your Eyes
  4. Let Me In
  5. Boardwalk Baby
  6. Forget About Love
  7. Pull Together
  8. Far Cry from a Heartache
  9. Bad Boy
  10. Dancing with Mr. Jitters

Greatest Hits: The Sound of Money (1989)

Eddie Money - Greatest Hits- Sound Of Money

Greatest Hits: The Sound of Money

  1. Baby Hold On
  2. Two Tickets to Paradise
  3. Peace in Our Time
  4. Where's the Party? (Live)
  5. I Wanna Go Back
  6. Walk on Water
  7. Shakin'
  8. Take Me Home Tonight
  9. Think I'm in Love
  10. Looking Through the Eyes of a Child
  11. No Control
  12. We Should Be Sleeping
  13. Stop Steppin' on My Heart

Right Here (1991)

Eddie Money - Right Here

Right Here

  1. Heaven in the Back Seat
  2. She Takes My Breath Away
  3. Another Nice Day in L.A.
  4. Fall in Love Again
  5. Run Right Back
  6. Things Are Much Better Today
  7. Fire and Water
  8. Prove It Every Night
  9. Think Twice
  10. I'll Get By

Shakin' With the Money Man (1997)

Eddie Money - Shakin' With The Money Man

Shakin' With The Money Man

  1. Something to Believe In
  2. If We Ever Get Out of This Place
  3. Can You Fall in Love Again
  4. Everybody Loves Christmas
  5. Two Tickets to Paradise
  6. I Wanna Go Back
  7. She Takes My Breath Away
  8. Where's the Party?
  9. Gimme Some Water
  10. Wanna Be a Rock & Roll Star
  11. Everybody Rock & Roll the Place
  12. Baby Hold On
  13. Take Me Home Tonight
  14. Shakin'

Wanna Go Back (2007)

Eddie Money - Wanna Go Back

Wanna Go Back

  1. Ain't No Mountain High Enough
  2. Higher and Higher
  3. You Don't Know Me
  4. Baby, Now That I Found You
  5. Good Lovin'
  6. Expressway to Your Heart
  7. Jenny Take a Ride
  8. Build Me up Buttercup
  9. Land of a Thousand Dances
  10. Hold On, I'm Comin'
  11. Mockingbird
  12. Please Please/Baby Don't You Weep

The Covers EP: Volume One (2009)

Eddie Money - The Covers EP- Volume One

The Covers EP: Volume One

  1. Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me)
  2. She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
  3. It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)
  4. Reach Out (I'll Be There)

The Covers EP: Volume Two (2009)

Eddie Money - The Covers EP- Volume Two

The Covers EP: Volume Two

  1. Gimme Some Lovin'
  2. Roadhouse Blues
  3. When I Come Around
  4. Ticket to Ride

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  • Occupation: singer-songwriter, musician
  • Instruments: vocals, guitar, saxophone, harmonica, keyboards, synthesizer

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Eddie Money is a performance name for Edward Joseph Mahoney.

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1974 - present


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