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Album by Eddie James.
Volume 1 (Fire)
  1. Fire (featuring Jayna Cullens and Micayla Burnes)
  2. That Same Spirit (featuring Elijah Schoolfield)
  3. That Same Spirit Praise Break (Jesus Said it Reprise)
  4. Joy (featuring Catherine Mullins)
  5. I Love You
  6. Your Face (featuring Nick Franklin and Emma Back)
  7. He's Alive
  8. Breathe on Me (featuring Bryn Waddell)
Volume 2 (Awakening)
  1. Awakening
  2. Shift (featuring Kyle Evans)
  3. Rend
  4. Holy Spirit Come (featuring Jayna Cullens and Tanisha Mimms)
  5. You Reign (featuring Nick Franklin and Alicia Evans)
  6. Nazarite Cry
  7. Leviticus 6:13 (featuring Jonathan Thompson)
  8. House of Prayer (featuring Jayna Cullens)

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