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I Changed My Mind (And I'll Go Home Again)

This song is by Eddie Hill and appears on the compilation Atomic Platters: Cold War Music From the Golden Age of Homeland Security (2005).

I changed my mind
And now I'll find
The way to peace and happiness
I changed my mind

It was just a week after the Korean War started when I was called to duty
And believe me I was kind of sore that they had to pick on me
But someone had to fight I guess, so off I went
I was a tank gunner and I done my duty and done it well
Until that day on Heartbreak Ridge when they cornered us and we had to surrender
I can't say I minded too much though because then I was pretty tired of this fighting
You know the prison camp wasn't bad at all
The food was good and they treated us swell
We had plenty of books to read and they even had a school there
So when the armistice came, I was thinking of going home but

They changed my mind, they told me I was wrong
And they promised me a way of life that's new
They said I'd find my piece of mind
If I'd forget and leave the one I love behind

So I stayed on at the camp and then some people come to interview me
Wanting me to go back home
But I figured they didn't know what they was talking about
This life wasn't so bad
And then I got that long delayed letter from Mom asking me to pray just once more before making my decision
You know I couldn't refuse her this, so I looked all around the camp for a church
And when I asked the guard he said there wasn't any such place and we wasn't supposed to pray
Well this got me to wondering
So I went to my bunk and kneeled down, just like when I was a kid
And I prayed for my mom and right then and there I knew this was one of the things I'd been fighting for and I was going back

I changed my mind and I'll go home again
To the ones who wait and pray for me
I was so blind, but now I'll find
The way to peace and happiness
I changed my mind

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