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The Columbia Years: 1922-1940 (1994)

Eddie Cantor - The Columbia Years- 1922-1940

The Columbia Years- 1922-1940

Disc One
  1. I Love Her - She Loves Me
  2. I'm Hungry for Beautiful Girls
  3. Oh, Is She Dumb
  4. Susie
  5. Sophie
  6. He Loves It
  7. Joe Is Here
  8. How Ya Gonna Keep Your Mind On Dancing
  9. I Love Me (I'm Wild About Myself)
  10. Ritzi Mitzi
  11. Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly I'm In Love
  12. Eddie (Steady)
  13. No No Nora (78 rpm Version)
  14. I've Got the Yes!
  15. Oh, Gee, Georgie!
  16. If You Do What You Do
  17. I'll Have Vanilla
  18. On a Windy Day 'Way Down in Waikiki
  19. Oh Pappa!
  20. Monkey Doodle
  21. Charley My Boy
  22. No One Knows What It's All About
Disc Two
  1. Doodle Doo Doo
  2. How I Love That Girl
  3. Those Panama Mammas
  4. Goo-Goo-Good-Night Dead!!
  5. Laff It Off!
  6. If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)
  7. We're Back Together Again, My Baby and Me
  8. Row, Row, Rosie!
  9. Oh! Boy, What a Girl
  10. What a Perfect Combination
  11. Look What You've Done
  12. Over Somebody Else's Shoulder
  13. The Man On the Flying Trapeze
  14. Mandy
  15. An Earful of Music
  16. When My Whip Comes In
  17. Okay Toots
  18. When My Ship Comes In
  19. The Only Thing I Want For Christmas (Is Just to Keep the Things That I've Got)
  20. If You Knew Susie (Like I Know Susie)
  21. Little Curly Hair In a High Chair
  22. Margie

The Show That Never Aired (1995)

Eddie Cantor - The Show That Never Aired

The Show That Never Aired

  1. Opening & Monolog
  2. Dinah Shore
  3. Yes My Darling Daughter
  4. Blueberry Hill
  5. The Lady's In Love With You / Now's the Time To Fall in Love
  6. Mr. Guffy
  7. Stardust
  8. Down Argentina Way
  9. Rudy Vallee Stories
  10. Oh Suzanna, Dust Off That Old Piano
  11. Questions & Answers
  12. Margie / If You Knew Susie
  13. Each Wednesday With You

Makin' Whoopee With "Banjo Eyes" (2000)

Eddie Cantor - Makin' Whoopee With "Banjo Eyes"

Makin' Whoopee With "Banjo Eyes"

  1. Makin' Whoopee
  2. You'd Be Surprised
  3. No, No, Nora
  4. Charley, My Boy
  5. Doodle-Doo-Doo
  6. If You Knew Suzie
  7. Oh! Boy, What a Girl
  8. If I Give Up the Saxophone, Will You Come Back to Me?
  9. Yes! Yes! (My Baby Said "Yes Yes")
  10. Mandy
  11. Okay, Toots!
  12. When My Ships Come In
  13. That's the Kind of Baby for Me
  14. Little Lady Make-Believe/Says My Heart
  15. Lambeth Walk
  16. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
  17. Oh! Gee, Oh! Gosh, Oh! Golly, I'm in Love
  18. They Go Wild, Simply Wild, Over Me
  19. We're Having a Baby (My Baby and Me)
  20. Now's the Time to Fall in Love
  21. Ma (He's Making Eyes at Me)
  22. Margie
  23. How Ya Gonna Keep 'Em Down on the Farm?
  24. Dinah
  25. Alabamy Bound
  26. Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider

Songs on Compilations

Other Songs

  1. Cheer Up! Smile! Nertz!
  2. Mandy
  3. Dixie Made Us Jazz Band Mad
  4. Eddie Cantor's Tips On The Stock Market
  5. I Used To Call Her Baby
  6. Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me
  7. Making Whoopee
  8. When It Comes to Lovin' The Girls, I'm Way Ahead of the Times

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1892, d.1964
  • Occupation: actor, comedian, dancer, singer-songwriter

Real name:

Eddie Cantor is a performance name for Edward Israel Itzkowitz.

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