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Fitter Happier

This song is by Easy Star All-Stars and appears on the album Radiodread (2006).

This song is a cover of "Fitter Happier" by Radiohead.
Fitter, happier, more productive
Quite content
Less drinking
Regular pushup and situp
(Almost everyday)
Getting on better with your associate employee contemporaries
At ease
Eating well
(No more microwave dinners and saturated fats)
Ease up on the road
Drive safe
(Baby smiling in back seat)
Well rested
(No bad dreams)
No paranoia
Respect yah creatures
(Never washing spiders down the plughole)
Keep in contact with old friends
(Enjoy a drink now and then)
Will frequently check credit at (moral) bank (hole in the wall)
Nothing for nothing
Something for something
Give to the needy
Sunday market
(Stop killing ants then)
Sunday carwash
No longer afraid of the dark or midday shadows
Nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate
Nothing so childish - pick up the pace
Take your time and move smart
No chance of escape
Your own boss
Concerned (but powerless)
Play a part
(Pragmatism not idealism)
Big man no cry
Less chance of illness
Tires that grip in the wet
(Shot of baby strapped in back seat)
A good memory
Some movies is touching
Tongue kissing girl
No longer empty and frantic like a puss tied to a stick
That's driven into frozen winter shit
(The ability to laugh at weakness)
Healthier and more productive
A pig in a cage on antibiotics

Sample looping in background: (This is the Panic Office, section nine-seventeen may have been hit. Activate the following procedure.)

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