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That Bad Eartha (1953)

Eartha Kitt - That Bad Eartha

That Bad Eartha

  1. I Want to Be Evil
  2. C'est si non
  3. Angelitos negros
  4. Avril au Portugal (The Whisp'ring Serenade)
  5. Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Love)
  6. My Heart Belongs to Daddy
  7. Uska Dara (A Turkish Tale)
  8. African Lullaby
  9. Mountain High, Valley Low
  10. Lilac Wine
  11. Under the Bridges of Paris
  12. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Down to Eartha (1955)

Eartha Kitt - Down To Eartha

Down to Eartha

  1. I Wantcha Around
  2. Do You Remember
  3. Looking for a Boy
  4. I've Got That Lovin' Bug Itch
  5. Oh John!
  6. Strangers in the Starlight
  7. The Day that the Circus Left Town
  8. Apres moi
  9. The Heel
  10. Mambo de Paree
  11. My Heart's Delight
  12. Hey Jacque

Thursday's Child (1956)

Eartha Kitt - Thursday's Child

Thursday's Child

  1. Fascinating Man
  2. Mademoiselle Kitt
  3. Oggere
  4. No importa si menti
  5. Lisbon Antigua
  6. Just an Old Fashioned Girl
  7. Le Danseur de Charleston
  8. Lazy Afternoon
  9. Johnny, wenn du Geburtstag hast
  10. If I Can't Take It With Me
  11. Thursday's Child
  12. Lullaby of Birdland

Other Songs

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  1. Santa Baby
  2. America The Beautiful
  3. Annie Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  4. C'est Ce Bon (It's So Good)
  5. Careless Love
  6. Cha Cha Heels
  7. Champagne Taste
  8. Close Enough For Love
  9. Dinner For One Please, James
  10. I Love Men
  11. I Wanna Be Evil!
  12. If I Can't Take It With Me When I Go
  13. If I Was A Boy
  14. In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)
  15. Je Cherche Un Homme
  16. Let's Misbehave
  17. Life Made Me Beautiful At Forty
  18. Lola, Lola
  19. Love For Sale
  20. Mink, Schmink
  21. My Discarded Men
  22. Santa Baby
  23. Snuff Out The Light (Yzma's Song)
  24. Somebody Bad Stole De Wedding Bell
  25. Something May Go Wrong
  26. Sous Les Ponts De Paris
  27. St. Louis Blues
  28. This Is My Life
  29. Uska Dara
  30. Where Is My Man
  31. Why Can't I?
  32. Woman Wouldn't Be A Woman
  33. Yzmapolis

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Artist information:

  • b. 1927, d.2008
  • Occupations: singer, comedian, actress, voice actress, dancer, activist

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