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This song is by Earth And Fire and appears on the album Song Of The Marching Children (1971).

No clouds have been seen
Now the sun is shining
The babbeling wavelets whispering
Oh how lovely they are!

A lonely girl is walking
The hungry seagulls shreeking
They're circling to the water
And soar away again

She sees the starfishes
The just washes ashore
And picks up sleeping shells
Oh how tender they are!

The water bath' her feet
There's a smile on her face
The sun is warming wet grains
Oh how many there are!

And when the night's falling
There's silence all around
The shore is so deserted
Only the wind cries loud

The flood is coming up
Breakers rolling ashore
The waves efface her footprints
Now the memories are gone


Music by:

T. v.d Kleij/G. Koerts / Text writer: C. Koerts/G. Koerts/H. Ziech

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