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This song is by Earth, Wind & Fire and appears on the album Heritage (1990).

Billy Young, Bernard Spears, Victor Hill and Maurice White

Daydreamin' when I'm thinking of you
Missing all the things that we used to do
Dancing at the party on a Saturday night
It was cool
Don't know how I could have been so blind
The feelings that we shared showed all the signs
Love was right there in the palm of my hand
For me

She tried in every way
To show how much she loved me
I was a fool
I just kept running away

Could it be baby
Seems to me honey
We should have been together from the start
I'm all alone darling
So far from home sugar
Girl I need you in my life

Walking' round
All over town
You're the love
That I found
Baby, baby
I wanna come back to you

Here's my heart
Take my hand
Walk with me
Love will stand
Baby, baby
I wanna come back to you

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