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Blue Pearl (1980)

Earl Thomas Conley - Blue Pearl

Blue Pearl

  1. Too Much Noise (Trucker's Waltz)
  2. Dreaming's All I Do
  3. Stranded on a Dead End Street
  4. You Don't have to Go Too Far
  5. Fire and Smoke
  6. Played This Game Enough
  7. Blue and Green
  8. Silent Treatment
  9. Middle Age Madness
  10. This Time I've Hurt Her More (Than She Loves Me)

Fire & Smoke (1981)

Earl Thomas Conley - Fire & Smoke

Fire & Smoke

  1. Fire and Smoke
  2. Silent Treatment
  3. Too Much Noise (Trucker's Waltz)
  4. Smokey Mountain Memories
  5. This Time I've Hurt Her More (Than She Loves Me)
  6. Tell Me Why
  7. After The Love Slips Away
  8. Your Love Is Just For Strangers (I Suppose)
  9. Like Cinderella
  10. As Low As You Can Go

Somewhere Between Right and Wrong (1982)

Earl Thomas Conley - Somewhere Between Right and Wrong

Somewhere Between Right and Wrong

  1. Heavenly Bodies
  2. Don't Get Along With the Blues
  3. This Ain't No Way to Be
  4. We've Got All Night
  5. Somewhere Between Right and Wrong
  6. The Highway Home
  7. Bottled up Blues
  8. I Have Loved You Girl (But Not Like This Before)

Don't Make It Easy for Me (1983)

Earl Thomas Conley - Don't Make It Easy for Me

Don't Make It Easy for Me

  1. Don't Make It Easy For Me
  2. Your Love's On The Line
  3. Holding Her And Loving You
  4. You Can't Go on
  5. Crowd Around the Corner
  6. Ball and Chain
  7. Angel In Disguise
  8. Under Control
  9. Changes of Love
  10. Home So Fine

Treadin' Water (1984)

Earl Thomas Conley - Treadin' Water

Treadin' Water

  1. Too Hot to Handle
  2. Love Don't Care (Whose Heart It Breaks)
  3. Labours of Love
  4. Your Love Says All There Is
  5. Love's on the Move Again
  6. Chance Of Lovin' You
  7. Honor Bound
  8. Treadin' Water
  9. Feels Like Saturday Night
  10. Turn This Bus Around (Bad Bob's)

Too Many Times (1986)

Earl Thomas Conley - Too Many Times

Too Many Times

  1. Too Many Times (featuring Anita Pointer)
  2. I Can't Win for Losin' You
  3. Dancin' With the Flames
  4. Attracted to Pain
  5. Many Forgiving Years
  6. Right from the Start
  7. That Was a Close One
  8. I Need a Good Woman Bad
  9. Preservation of the Wild Life
  10. If Leavin' Was Easy

The Heart of It All (1988)

Earl Thomas Conley - The Heart of It All

The Heart of It All

  1. What She Is (Is A Woman In Love)
  2. Love Out Loud
  3. What I'd Say
  4. You Must Not Be Drinking Enough
  5. No Chance No Dance
  6. I Love the Way He Left You
  7. Finally Friday
  8. We Believe in Happy Endings
  9. Too Far from the Heart of It All
  10. Carol

Yours Truly (1991)

Earl Thomas Conley - Yours Truly

Yours Truly

  1. You Got Me Now
  2. Brotherly Love (with Keith Whitley) (cover of "Brotherly Love" by Moe Bandy)
  3. One of These Days
  4. Hard Days and Honky Tonk Nights
  5. Keep My Heart in Line
  6. If Only Yours Eyes Could Lie
  7. The Perfect Picture (To Fit My Frame of Mind)
  8. Borrowed Money
  9. Shadow of a Doubt
  10. I Wanna Be Loved Back

Perpetual Emotion (1998)

Earl Thomas Conley - Perpetual Emotion

Perpetual Emotion

  1. I Ain't Crazy
  2. It Should've Been Over by Now
  3. The Closer You Are
  4. Sacred Money Never Wins
  5. You Don't Have to Live With It
  6. Holding Her and Loving You
  7. Don't Make It Easy for Me
  8. Your Love's On the Line
  9. Once In a Blue Moon
  10. I Can't Win for Losin' You

Other Songs

  1. Love's The Only Voice
  2. Nobody Falls Like A Fool
  3. What She Is (Is A Women In Love)
  4. What She Is (Is Woman In Love)

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