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Those You've Known

This song is by Duncan Sheik, features Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele and John Gallagher, Jr. and appears on the musical soundtrack Spring Awakening (2006) by Steven Sater & Duncan Sheik.

Those you've known and lost still walk behind you
All alone, they linger till they find you
Without them, the world grows dark around you
And nothing is the same until you know that they have found you

Those you've pained may carry that still with them
All the same, they whisper, "All forgiven"
Still your heart says their shadows bring the starlight
And everything you've ever been is still there in the dark night

Though you know you've left them far behind / And the northern wind blows
You walk on by yourself and not with them / The sorrows, your heart goes
Still you know they fill your heart and mind / There are those who still know
When you say there's a way through this / They're still home, we're still home

Those you've known and lost still walk behind you
All alone, their song still seems to find you
They call you, as if you knew their longing
They whistle through the lonely wind, the long blue shadows falling

All alone, but still I hear their yearning
Through the dark, the moon alone there burning
The stars, too, they tell of spring returning
And summer with another wind that no one yet has known

Though you know there's so much more to find / They call me, through all things / The northern wind blows
Another dream, another love you'll hold / Night's falling, but somehow on I go / The sorrows, your heart's known
Still you know to trust your own true mind / You watch me, just watch me / I believe
And on your way, I'm not alone / I'm calling, through longing / They're still home, we're still home

Now they'll walk on my arm through the distant night
And I won't let them stray from my heart
Through the wind, through the dark, through the winter light
I will read all their dreams to the stars

I'll walk now with them
I'll call on their names
And I'll see their thoughts are known
Not gone, not gone
They walk with my heart (Not gone)
And I'll never let them go (Not gone)
I'll never let them go (Not gone)
I'll never let them go

You watch me
Just watch me
I'm calling
I'm calling, and one day all will know


Music by:

Duncan Sheik

Lyrics by:

Steven Sater

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