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Adventures in Gramophone (2005)

Duke Special - Adventures in Gramophone

Adventures in Gramophone

  1. Last Night I Nearly Died
  2. Some Things Make Your Soul Feel Clean
  3. Freewheel
  4. As Good as It Gets
  5. Regarding the Moonlight in Eastbourne
  6. Kill Me Quickly Please
  7. I Let You Down
  8. Wake Up Scarlett
  9. Closer to the Start
  10. Don’t Breathe
  11. You Don’t Slow Me Down
  12. Love is a Series of Scars

Your Vandal (2005)

Duke Special - Your Vandal

Your Vandal

  1. Worst at the Best of Times
  2. Portrait
  3. John Lennon Love
  4. Low
  5. Your Vandal

Songs From the Deep Forest (2006)

Duke Special - Songs From the Deep Forest

Songs From the Deep Forest

  1. Wake Up Scarlett
  2. Everybody Wants a Little Something
  3. Brixton Leaves
  4. Freewheel
  5. No Cover Up
  6. Portrait
  7. Last Night I Nearly Died
  8. Ballad of a Broken Man
  9. Salvation Tambourine
  10. Something Might Happen
  11. Slip of a Girl
  12. This Could Be My Last Day

Orchestral Manouevres in Belfast (2007)

Duke Special - Orchestral Manouevres in Belfast

Orchestral Manouevres in Belfast

  1. Overture
  2. Brixton Leaves
  3. Last Night I Nearly Died
  4. Portrait
  5. Wake Up Scarlett
  6. Regarding the Moonlight in Eastbourne
  7. Salvation Tambourine
  8. No Cover Up
  9. I Let You Down
  10. Freewheel

I Never Thought This Day Would Come (2008)

Duke Special - I Never Thought This Day Would Come

I Never Thought This Day Would Come

  1. Mockingbird Wish Me Luck
  2. Sweet Sweet Kisses
  3. Those Proverbs We Made in the Winter Must End
  4. Digging an Early Grave
  5. I Never Thought This Day Would Come
  6. Why Does Anybody Love?
  7. Flesh and Blood Dance
  8. If I Don't Feel It
  9. Let Me Go (Please Please Please)
  10. By the Skin of My Teeth
  11. Nothing Comes Easy
  12. Nothing You Could Do Could Bring Me Round

Little Revolutions (2009)

Duke Special - Little Revolutions

Little Revolutions

  1. Ain't Got No
  2. Our Love Goes Deeper Than This (with Neil Hannon and Romeo Stodart)
  3. I Feel for You
  4. Quiet Revolutionaries
  5. I Think I Am Losing You
  6. Feet in the Sky
  7. Deep (with Emily Loizeau)
  8. No Cover Up
  9. Glimmer Girl
  10. Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes (with Neil Hannon)
  11. Love Is Connection
  12. Maps
  13. Tainted Love (with Neil Hannon)
  14. Low
  15. Stumble and Fall
  16. Lucky
  17. I Know There's an Answer
  18. From Clare to Here

Mother Courage and Her Children (2010)

Duke Special - Mother Courage And Her Children

Mother Courage And Her Children

  1. Prelude (instrumental)
  2. Mother Courage
  3. Eilif (Song About the Soldier and His Wife)
  4. Yvette (Song of Fraternization)
  5. Song of the Hours
  6. The Great Capitulation
  7. Soldier's Song
  8. Mother Courage (And the Threat of Peace)
  9. Cook's Song
  10. Farmhouse Song
  11. Lullaby
  12. Mother Courage Finale

The Silent World of Hector Mann (2010)

Duke Special - The Silent World Of Hector Mann

The Silent World Of Hector Mann

  1. Hearth and Home
  2. Wanda, Darling of the Jockey Club
  3. Jumping Jacks
  4. Mister Nobody
  5. Tango Tangle
  6. You'll Be Detective
  7. Double or Nothing
  8. Country Weekend
  9. Old Folks and Cow Pokes
  10. The Prop Man
  11. Scandal
  12. Teller's Tale

Under the Dark Cloth (2011)

Duke Special - Under the Dark Cloth

Under the Dark Cloth

  1. Dancing Trees
  2. Hand of Men
  3. Rita De Acosta
  4. Spiritual America
  5. Cherry Blossom Girl
  6. Cloudgod
  7. Washerwoman
  8. Georgia O'Keeffe
  9. You Press the Button, We Do the Rest
  10. In Memoriam
  11. Triumph of the Egg
  12. This Is All That Matters

Oh Pioneer (2012)

Duke Special - Oh Pioneer

Oh Pioneer

  1. Stargazers of the World Unite (A Love Song for Astronomers)
  2. Little Black Fish
  3. Punch of a Friend
  4. Snakes in the Grass
  5. Condition
  6. Nothing Shall Come Between Us
  7. Lost Chord
  8. My Lazy Saviour
  9. How I Learned to Love the Sun
  10. Always Been There
  11. Twice Around the Island

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