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Home Again Blues

This song is by Duke Ellington & His Orchestra.

I've been known to be a rolling stone for many years
Now alone, I sit around and moan when night appears
Thoughts of my home fill me with regrettable tears
Ev'ry year Oh! how I long to hear a bit of news
Friends appear to offer words of cheer but I refuse
Pack up my trunk 'cause I've got those home again blues
I'm going

Home, knock at the door
Home, just like before
Roam, never no more
No place like
Oh! what a song
Home, where I belong
Oh! I've got those home again blues

I can't wait until I reach that gate and home I see
Sure as fate I know they're gonna wait to welcome me
I want to state that that's the end of my mis'ry
If I knew I'd ever feel so blue I'd never roam
But it's true we learn a thing or two away from home
I'm telling you I've ceased to be a rolling stone
I'm going

When I left home I didn't have a cent
I wasn't broke but I was badly bent
I didn't have a single dime to count
And now I'm going home with the same amount

My letters read that daddy's doing fine
And that my brother's working overtime
With all that money rolling in the shack
Ain't nobody living can hold me back

Feet, just you hear my pray'r
Don't you weaken till you do your share
I've gotta heartache
I wanna partake
Of all the joys that's waiting there
I'm going

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