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It's Swell of You

This song is by Duke Ellington and appears on the album 1937 (1996).

Swell of you--treating me so kindly
Swell of you--I was heading blindly
Then your smile showed me the way
To love

It's swell of you
Just to let me share the spell of you
Funny what a pleasant word will do
To bring out the blue up above

When I have you as an inspiration
I'm sure to get by
And in appreciation
I promise that I'll love you, dear
Until the day I die

It's swell of you
While I live, my lips will tell of you
Just how grand you are
And that you'll be the one for me
You'll never know exactly what you've done for me
But it's all so awfully, mighty swell
It's swell of you


Written by:

Mack Gordon; Harry Revel

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