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This song is by Dr. Dre.

Money, power, and respect
Keep my foes in check and
Kill every motherfucker that be after my neck
Let's get it straight it dawg
I'm hot, ur not
I take ur bitch ass and drop it like it hot
Ur style is messed up and ur flow is wack
The way you be rappin', u must be on crack
Goin' against me dawg
Ur ass must be crazy
'Cause I lay ur ass to sleep
And then roca bye baby
Ur just an amateur but
Me, I'm a veteran
After I'm done with u
U goin' need an ambulance
Now let me stop
Take a breath before I really get pissed
On second thought, fuck it I'm already pissed
Hey yo, this is a lyrical assault on
Anyone who wants some
I knock you out with one verse
Like I'm mike Tyson
I'm like a reptile, homie
When I spit, its venom
First, I cripple ur ass
Then I go get em'
U don't want it with me,
Trust me when I say so
When I come around bitch
Ur ass better lay low
U walkin' with ur bitch

And I'm like hold up shorty
Look at the way ur man looks
He must be homophobic
Then after a minute or so
She turns at me and
What does she say,
Damn ur right, he really does look gay
And that's when you get dumped
Lookin' like a prick
While ur bitch is chokin
With her mouth on my dick
Now you can lean back motherfucker
But I ain't fat joe
Its dre on the hook and
I'm killin' you hoe
Now before I go
I'm goin' give you this (middle finger)
'Cause this ain't no song
This a motherfuckin diss

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