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Feelgood Formula

This song is by Dozer and appears on the album Call it Conspiracy (2002).

Send me off on a long trip nowhere,
On a path that we don't know...
By all means we escaped the deep end,
It's the root of all evil...
Seeking wisdom that grows like fire,
Burning down the remains of you...
You may call it amusing sometimes,
Inviting us to go nowhere...

It's an orbit 'round your soul,
It's good grace will keep you warm,
As the oceans always knew,
You can come along,
You can come along,
You can come along...

Like a dark cloud upon a bright sky,
It will turn your eyes open...
Look into the void of your mind,
Cannot wait to become you...
You have come along on this voyage,
There's no doubt of a whitewash...
See you later around the vortex,
Across the vertigoriver...

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