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No Road Back Home (1984)

Doug MacLeod - No Road Back Home

No Road Back Home

  1. I'm Down
  2. It's the Blues (featuring George "Harmonica" Smith)
  3. Ain't No Road Back Home
  4. The Long Black Train
  5. Your Bread Ain't Done
  6. Nightbird
  7. You're Gonna Get What You Deserve
  8. Winter Must Be Fallin'
  9. Grease in My Gravy

Woman in the Street (1987)

Doug MacLeod - Woman in the Street

Woman in the Street

  • (as Doug MacLead Band)
  1. Skin Game
  2. Working Man Blues
  3. The Highway They Called the Blues
  4. I Might Bend (But I Won't Break)
  5. I Think You're Foolin' Me
  6. King Freddie
  7. Still Some Smoke
  8. Splain' It to Me
  9. Send the Soul on Home
  10. Woman in the Street
  11. One Good Woman
  12. Church Street Serenade

You Can't Take My Blues (1996)

Doug MacLeod - You Can't Take My Blues

You Can't Take My Blues

  1. One Good Woman
  2. Bus With No Destination
  3. You Can't Take My Blues
  4. Things'll Be Better, You'll See
  5. Papa John
  6. Hey Bartender (I Got No More Places to Go) (featuring Carey Bell)
  7. Another Funny Deal Goin' Down
  8. Walkin' My Way Back to You
  9. All I Had Was the Blues
  10. Runnin' with Carey
  11. Chill on Cold
  12. Handle It Yourself
  13. Sometimes I Wonder

Dubb (2004)

Doug MacLeod - Dubb


  1. (If You Going to the) Dog House
  2. Walkin' While I Bleed
  3. She Boogy'n
  4. The Sun Shine Down My Way
  5. Dubb's Talkin' Politician Blues
  6. Miss Rita
  7. One Fool Show
  8. $50 Wig
  9. Have a Little Taste
  10. Night Walking
  11. North County Woman
  12. The Devil Is Beating His Wife

The Utrecht Sessions (2008)

Doug MacLeod - The Utrecht Sessions

The Utrecht Sessions

  1. Horse with No Rider
  2. This Old River
  3. The Addition to Blues
  4. The Long Black Train
  5. The Demon's Moan
  6. Long Time Road
  7. I Respectfully Decline
  8. That Ain't Right
  9. Coming Your Brand New Day
  10. Sheep of a Different Color
  11. What You Got (Ain't Necessarily What You Own)
  12. Where You'll Find Me

Brand New Eyes (2011)

Doug MacLeod - Brand New Eyes

Brand New Eyes

  1. Brand New Eyes
  2. Something Dark is Walking
  3. The Train of Change
  4. Midnight in Memphis
  5. Zu-Zu Woman
  6. One Eyed Owl
  7. Somewhere South of Somewhere
  8. I Rolled a Nickel
  9. The Nature of the Man
  10. Some Old Blues Song (aka I Can Count on My Blues)
  11. Welcome in Your Home

There's a Time (2013)

Doug MacLeod - There's a Time

There's a Time

  1. Rosa Lee
  2. Black Nights
  3. The Up Song
  4. My Inlaws Are Outlaws
  5. The Entitled Few
  6. A Ticket Out
  7. Run With the Devil
  8. St. Elmo's Rooms and Pool
  9. I'll Be Walking On
  10. East Carolina Woman
  11. The Night of the Devil's Road
  12. Dubb's Talking Religion Blues
  13. Ghost

Exactly Like This (2015)

Doug MacLeod - Exactly Like This

Exactly Like This

  1. Rock It Till the Cows Come Home
  2. Too Many Misses for Me
  3. Find Your Right Mind
  4. Ain't It Rough?
  5. Vanetta
  6. Serious Doin' Woman
  7. Ridge Runner
  8. New Morning Road
  9. Raylene
  10. Heaven's the Only Place
  11. You Got It Good (And That Ain't Bad)

Break the Chain (2017)

Doug MacLeod - Break the Chain

Break the Chain

  1. Goin' Down to the Roadhouse
  2. Mr. Bloozeman
  3. Lonesome Feeling
  4. Travel On
  5. LA the Siren in the West
  6. One for Tampa Red
  7. What the Blues Means to Me (Narrative)
  8. This Road I'm Walking
  9. Who's Driving This Bus
  10. Church Street Serenade
  11. Going Home
  12. Break the Chain

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