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Viva Las Vegas

This song is by Doug Anthony All Stars and appears on the album DAAS Bootleg - Live in Edinburgh (1994).

'Is there anyone here tonight who remembers the king of rock and roll!'
'Mr. Ishikawa Sakimoto, Ishikawa Sakimoto lived in Tokyo city from 1963 to 1964, a bit young you may think to be an Elvis Presley impersonator, but the man was a fucking genius. In the spring of 1965 he released this, it was his version if Elvis Presley classic, Viva Las Vegas. It went straight to the top of the Tokyo hit parade, however Ishikawa Sakimoto never lived to see that happy day. He died in a horrible rice dressing machine accident, he was converted into half a bottle of sake, which was later hurled out the window of an Amsterdam brothel, and struck dead my grandmother. Don't, don't, don't, I don't need it! So I'd like everyone here tonight to please bear with us, as we sing for you our version or Ishikawa Sakimotos famous classic hit, Viva Las Vegas

(Mostly Japanese babbling)
Viva Ros Vegas
Viva Ros Vegas

(More babbling)
Viva Ros Vegas
Viva Boiled Haggis
Viva, Viva, Ros Vegas
Oh Viva!

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