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Satan III

This song is by Doug Anthony All Stars and appears on the album DAAS Bootleg - Live in Edinburgh (1994).

'Is there anyone here tonight who believes in SATAN!'
'Whoa, growing numbers Christians!'
'S - A - T - I - N, S - A - T - I - N, S - A - T - I - N, Goooooo Darklord!'
'What a waste of a good joke that was! Have you ever thought about this young people notice the numbers there are growing for Satan but have you ever thought of this? Satan, Santa, ah! Santa Satan Satan Santa Santa Satan Satan Santa, hmmm'
'Oh they're anagrams, move the 'n' in Santa and you get Sata-n. Infact if you think abut it, oh my god, an anagram of Santa Claus is Satan lacsu, Satan clusa, Satan loucs, Satan lucas, Satan sloucs, Santa claus it comes back to itself.'
'And an anagram of Qantas, is Satan-q'
'And an anagram of the very word anagrams, is grmnsaaa'
'And an anagram of four X beer is camels piss'
'Although in Australia we call it Castemaine fuck'
'But there are other more interesting similarities, Satan, Santa, both are referred to as old nick.'
'Satan, Santa never seen together at the same time'
'That's right, Santa Claus always leaves the Shopping Mall before the horned one commeth!'
'And your smart people here tonight, what their favorite color, red!'
'Santa Satan Satan Santa! They both like giving things to small children! He made me say it...'
'But the most significant fact of all is this, in certain 17th century woodcuts and some 18th century engravings from the same period, Satan is often depicted fucking reindeer. Satan the Dark lord fucks the reindeer, Satan fucks the... oww oww Satan no! Ow oww oh oww Satan no ow!, master of all the... Ow oww! Satan fucks the Ow, oww! You're looking a bit confused there son do you understand this or not? Ow oww ow Satan no! Ow ow ah oh Bing. He... Satan fucks the... ah aha ah no ooh oh ah Satan no, oh Satan oh God oh Satan oh God oh God oh Satan oh, oh God oh Satan! He fucks the reindeer... he fucks the reindeer... ah ah ah, he fucks the reindeer, ah ah Bambi, Bambi! He fucks the reindeer, he fucks em. Ow ah oh aw, no Satan no no! Hey don't worry about me, its just a stag I'm going through. Hey everybody, everybody, the buck stops here. Whoohoo, sexy reindeer, sexy reindeer, ooh sexy reindeer. sexy reindeer. schizophrenic reindeer. I'd just like to apologize for that, for the last five minutes of material... um'
'No, no, no, no! don't apologize to these nice people, you apologize to Satan our dark lord and master, because tonight you have treated him with something less than respect.'
'Sorry Satan'
'Sorry Satan, didn't mean nothing by it, just having a gag'
'Didn't mean nothing by it, didn't mean nothing by it, I saw all those sexual illusions, and what the fuck does this mean, what does this mean!'
'That's the reindeer antler'
'Oh, oh right, I just had a thought, now I know why reindeer can't wave'
'I am sailing, I am sai...'
'What are you fucking looking at?'

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