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On a Tropic Night (1990)

Dorothy Lamour - On a Tropic Night

On a Tropic Night

  1. I Go for That
  2. The Moon of Manakoora
  3. Little Lady Make-Believe
  4. The Moon and the Willow Tree
  5. My Heart Keeps Cryin'
  6. Palms of Paradise
  7. Too Romantic
  8. On a Tropic Night
  9. Comes Love
  10. Lovelight in the Starlight
  11. Tonight Will Live
  12. That Sentimental Sandwich
  13. I'll Take an Option on You
  14. Strange Enchantment
  15. Kind 'a Lonesome
  16. You Took Me Out of this World
  17. True Confession
  18. Sweet Potato Paper
  19. Junior
  20. I'm All a-Tremble Over You

The Moon of Manakoora (1997)

Dorothy Lamour - The Moon Of Manakoora

The Moon of Manakoora

  1. Moonlight and Shadows
  2. Panamania
  3. You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart
  4. Thanks for the Memory
  5. Lovelight in the Starlight
  6. Little Lady Make-Believe
  7. Tonight Will Live
  8. On a Tropic Night
  9. That Sentimental Sandwich
  10. The Man I Love
  11. You Took Me Out of this World
  12. I'm All a-Tremble Over You
  13. Paradise
  14. Sweet Potato Paper
  15. Palms of Paradise
  16. The Moon and the Willow Tree
  17. Too Romantic
  18. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
  19. It Had to Be You
  20. Your Kiss
  21. This Is the Beginning of the End
  22. Moon Over Burma
  23. Mexican Magic
  24. The One Rose that's Left in My Heart
  25. The Moon of Manakoora

Other Songs

  1. Ace In The Hole
  2. Hooray For Hollywood

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Artist information:

  • b.1914, d.1996
  • Ocuppations: singer, actres

Real name:

Dorothy Lamour is a performance name for Mary Leta Dorothy Slaton.

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