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This song is by Don Williams and appears on the album Cafe Carolina (1984).

When the works done tomorrow I'll be leavin'
I did'nt come to stay but just awhile
I'll think a million thoughts and do some greavin'
Bout your lovely eyes and tender smile
You've set a fire within my heart a glowing
You have truly made a deep mark on my mind
It's a hard and a trying task to think of going
When the one I love I know I leave behind.
But there's many a hill that needs a crossing
There's many places left to see
But I know there's no folks that I'll be knowing
And no face that will mean as much to me.

When I walk down that long lonely highway
In my mind you'll be walking there with me
But I'll know that sorrows travelling my way
Cause the road will be one way from you to me

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