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I'll Never Need Another You

This song is by Don Williams and appears on the album Cafe Carolina (1984).

These old boots that I'm wearin',
They've 'bout seen their better days,
And these old jeans,
Are feelin' thin,
They're soon to fade away.
And this old hat that I keep wearin',

Ain't gonna' last no lifetime,
There's only one thing that I know of,
I won't need two of in my time.

I'll never need another you,

You're love's gonna' last me,
My whole life through.
You've got a way of keepin',
Love's feelin' new,
So I'll never need another you.
I'll always need a new tomorrow,
To find the time I lost today,
I'll always need,
Another dream,
For the one that slipped away.
I've got some things that need replacin',
Things like dreams and jeans it's true,
When it comes down to your lovin',
No one could love me like you do.

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