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Destination Unknown (2005)

Sexsmith & Kerr - Destination Unknown

Destination Unknown

  1. Listen
  2. One Less Shadow
  3. Lemonade Stand
  4. Reacquainted
  5. Chasing Forever
  6. Counting on Time
  7. Only Me
  8. You've Been Waiting
  9. Raindrops in My Coffee
  10. I've Been Away
  11. Diana Sweets
  12. Your Guess Is as Good as Mine
  13. Tree-Lined Street
  14. One Less Shadow (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)
  15. Listen (Live) (Japanese Bonus Track)

Additional information

Artist information:

  • Occupation: songwriter, producer
  • Instruments: drums, cello, vocals, guitar

Real name:

Don Kerr is a performance name for Donald Kerr.

Years active:


Don Kerr is a member of:

  • The Kelele Brothers, Ron Sexsmith's backing band
  • The Uncool - 1991

Don Kerr was a member of:


  • The Hidden Cameras - 2004-2009


Record labels:

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