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Whatever He Says

This song is by Don Francisco and appears on the album Only Love Is Spoken Here (2001).

There was a wedding one warm Summer evening
A happy and festive affair
And Jesus and his five disciples attended
And even his mother was there

Oh, the singing and the dancing were merry
The eatin' and the drinkin' were fine
But then the unthinkable happened
And they ran out of wine

Mary told Jesus the problem
He said to her "Why involve me?
You should know just like I know
My time's not yet come to be."

But his mother just called all the servants
Pointed him out to the crew
She says,"That's the one who can fix it
Whatever he says to you, do."

There were six pots of stone there for washing
And when the servants came over to him
Jesus said, "Fill those pots up with water,"
So they filled them right up to the brim

Then he said, "See the wedding director
The man with the scowl on his face?
Take a cup of that stuff in the pots now
Walk over, and give him a taste."

When the director had tasted
That miraculous, heavenly brew
Didn't know where it had come from
But the servants they all knew

So he called to the bridgegroom and told him
"This is the first-rule of party know-how
You serve the good stuff first, then bring out the worst
But you kept the best 'til now
You serve the good stuff first, then bring out the worst
But you kept the best 'til now."

So no matter the size of the problem
Or who made the biggest mistake
If it's just a personal matter
Or if the whole planet's at stake
Remember those words that were spoken
A mother's words ever so true
"Whatever he says to you, listen
Whatever he says to you, do
Whatever he says to you, listen
Whatever he says, whatever he says
Whatever he says you just do."

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