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The Death of Methuselah

This song is by Don Francisco and appears on the album Genesis & Job (1994).

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I was born just east of Eden, many centuries ago
And with Adam down to Jared I have watched this river flow
The name my father gave me, soon its message will be done
Methuselah he called me: 'when he dies, then it shall come'

In the first three hundred years, I saw him almost every day
Though Enoch is my father, still it's true these words I say
That there never lived a man like him who walked with God above
So merciful and righteous, and so full of faith and love

An otherworldly wisdom was in all he'd do and say
And I'd feel God's holy power every time that he would pray
So often I would see him, sittin' quiet by the tree
But I could hear the heavenly voices
And the light was strange to see

I followed when he climbed upon the mountain top that day
For I knew somehow the time had come for him to go away
And I say the Lord descending
And the glory of His throne
When He took him from the earth
And left me kneeling there alone

I could see the darkness deepening now
My race is almost run
There's a rumbling in the distance
And at last your ark is done
And Noah, now you've come to me
It's time for me to die
Enoch's voice is calling me
And I must say 'goodbye'
My father's voice is calling me
It's time to say 'goodbye'



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