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Drift Along Lonely Cowboy

This song is by Don Edwards and appears on the album Heaven on Horseback (2009).

In the far away Heavens in the distant blue skies
High above in the bright gleaming sun
Is a heaven of rest, for the Great Master's guest
When the Round-up on Earth is all done

Through ever green meadows the rider will stray
In the flush of an Eternal dawn
With the Boss by your side through the Heavens you'll ride
Drift along, lonely cowboy, drift on

Drift along, lonely cowboy, drift on to your new range
There's a Chuckwagon camped there on high
Old time friends you will find, who once left you behind
And we'll all meet you there bye and bye

The Boss of the Round-up will lend you a hand
He'll be waiting for you in the dawn
In the campfire's glow are old faces you'll know
Drift along, lonely cowboy, drift on


Written by:

Curley Fletcher; Traditional

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