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Fuel To The Flame

This song is by Dolly Parton and appears on the album Hello, I'm Dolly (1967) and on the album The Little Things: 18 Great Country Songs (1993).

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Fuel To The Flame
You kindle the fire of love inside me
Each time our lips meet
I'm not strong when we're alone
Your kisses make me weak
You must know how I feel
But do you feel the same
Everytime you kiss me
You add fuel to the flame

My eyes light up when I see you
I burn with desire
Each time you're near
You say you'll care
But still I'm not sure

But please don't ask me to love you
If you're not gonna change my name

Everytime you touch me
You add fuel to the flame
This fire you started inside me
Has reached my very soul
You're adding fuel to a flame
That's already burning out of control
When you give me your name
I give you everything
Everytime you kiss me
Adds fuel to the flame
Yes every time you touch me
You add fuel to the flame

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