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Spiritless Machine

This song is by Dogwood Tales and appears on the album Too Hard To Tell (2018).

Well, I found silence in the shade
For one thousand years I stayed
Until my soul had turned to dust
Or turned a spiritless machine
I knew no right, there was no wrong thing
And that's something I can trust
I'm back in town, my sisters cry
My brother left, my parents swore me a lie
But I felt nothing, there was no pain
For nothing hurts
A spiritless machine
A spiritless machine

And now I rise with setting suns
And I stay true 'til twilights call and let my shadow dress the night
For in the dark, the silence comes
And I don't hear my old love song
As I lay by my new love aside
No matter what change time can bring
Nothing breaks
A spiritless machine
A spiritless machine

And when the sun broke up that shade
I just cried for every day I stayed inside that lonesome place
Now I fear that darkened dream
For nothing's worse than
A spiritless machine
A spiritless machine

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