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Turning Gay

This song is by Dog Fashion Disco and appears on the album Beating A Dead Horse, To Death... Again (2008).

Sometimes life can get you down
Sometimes it's hard to pick yourself off the ground
Sometimes mountains crumble down around you
And you feel there's nothing you can do
When your skies turn gray
It kinda turns me gay

Hoh yeah
It fuckin' turns me gay
Kinda queer
Fuckin' turns me gay
Oh, fuck yeah
Oh, gay

I mean, gay
Sometimes life gets you down
You gotta fuckin' pick yourself up by your bootstraps
Yeah when it looks like all hope is lost
There is a cost that you must pay
Fuck yeah

And then it turns you gay
Oh yeah
It fuckin' turns you gay
Pretty gay

Sometimes it tears your fuckin' asshole apart
You can barely fart
Sometimes the only thing that can help you
Is when the fuckin' gerbil pushes his little hairs
And tickles that little
Fuck yeah
Somebody find me a fuckin' funnel and a gerbil
I think I'm turnin' gay

Oh yeah

Buck n' five

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