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One More Way 2 Die

This song is by Do Or Die and appears on the album Pimpin AinT Dead (2003).

Pimp up through the...

Pimp up through the red see like moses the coldest phenenomenon
Let me take ya to the place where giliteen dreams and triple beams make bodys do triplelean
If its seen then I'm in the zone, seein red lights shootin ova ya mothas home
What's going on 30 thirty red dots fly live ta the dome for the head shot
"Lookin' from an angle strangle, you can see demons and angels tangle
Weery 'cause the niggaz standin near me can't see me or hear me
I will murder you and your main man wit these same hands
Closed caskets can't hang man, its hard to explain man, but my game plan
Is ta, is ta take 'em to that same land where 357 slugs on shift
And wit 357 slugs on shift so imma show where these slugs gone fit
Where the fuck they gone fit? in there arterys
I never understood why these demons and angels came a part of me
Which make me murder more probably, in the zone my zone get zoned out
For the wrong bouts, 'cause niggas pullin chrome out blowin' domes out
Let reverse this psycho psychology, what the fuck is this screamin inside of me
Its gotta be demons wit mental intelevitycatchin my mysery flippin these clips and open'n up seven seas

When demons and angels tangle, (one one one one) its one more way ta die
(One one one one) its one more way ta die,(one one one one) one more way to die [x4]

In the night I can't sleep, visions of demons in my bed so I aim wit a target
These mu fuckaz got my mind in the zone so I pop wit the chrome and I'm born to be heartless
And reguardless, I'm in the wrong state of mind I'm high, I'm wyped off off some laced weed
If you bitches outta line when you face me, betta bring a livin' god to erase me, to replace me
'Cause I can rise every night wit the glocks, and x off the man kind
Understand I ain't playin' to defend mine, I want the world in my palm in the due time when I do mine
'Cause I kill in better multitudes, line 'em up and I off 'em dude
Say a word and I'm offing you, fuck around set trip get a buzz and I off ya crew
What you bitches really wanna do, wanna war I'm in thirst mode
I was born to react to the first blow
Leave ya body in the spot where the hurse go
Let the lord sort 'em out when the wind blow
Lucipher in the physical, fucked around with the spirital
Demonized individual, hit ya wife wit the pump make her jump 4 feet real high like a virtigo
Say hello to the devil, say hello to the devil 'cause here I come and you can't fuck, can't fuck wit me. [x2]

It's a level behond wrong and devilish, bringin' ta life some shit ya should never wish
We bout to settle this, once and for all
You dyin' tonight but it wuddnt my fault
You chose what the fuck you chose and took that road I had to
Take it up wit god or Satan bitch or blame that hoe that had you
See I'm at you, look at the evil that cash do
Right down to the tip and a mask you
So don't ask who when I pass throo and mash too
Do the math foo, ain't no hoes on this side
We that gang you dislike fuck a fist fight these thugs betta have they shit right
'Cause it's like this forever maybe ta slit yo wrist is betta
Is you slipped and missed the set up, and now you hit and spit and wet up
Shit done led up ta this, ain't no turnin' back at all
Squeezin wit my back ta the wall, leavin' you bleed and even retreivin that stack from ya draws
I blast and I pause, and another ranged out, isn't it strange how
We comitte murder then just go and hang out wit that thang out
And a dub up in my lungs, you get done up in my slums
'Cause the come up got us sprung

(One one one one)

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