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Heart Of A Warrior

This song is by Dizzee Rascal and appears on the album The Fifth (2013).

(Hook: Teddy Sky)
I will fight till I take my last breath
I got the heart of a warrior
The heart of a warrior
I've been down, I've been out and I bled
I got the heart of a warrior
The heart of a warrior
I'll never back down

(Verse 1: Dizzee Rascal)
Born fearless, leavin' when it's delirious
Superstar and super serious
Runnin' the game like I was born gearless
Deeper guy, I got the beat to live 'em earless
Still I know that they still hear us
Only rap, we make an appearance
So I shout, shout, let it out
Remain tearless 'cause I'm careless
Doing it for the man dem in the hoodies and the new eras
Young ragamuffin, can't tell me nothing
Miss me with that huff and puffing
You ain't ready to buck and get stuck in
You're just doing a lot of chuckin
I'm just doing a lot of talkin'
Are you sick or something?
Are you thick or something?
You should think of ducking
Hit you with that nunchukka
I Bruce Lee your fly kick
Jump up and Tom pop and I've got something
Nigga they comin' hard for they food
Don't wanna see me switch and lose my cool
'Cause I be up with that fool, hard but you have to smooth, I be actin' a fool
I be actin' a fool... I be actin' a fool... I be actin' a fool... I be actin' a fool...

(Verse 2: Dizzee Rascal)
When the bumper clean shake the earth right underneath
Pick up the devil sides and let them call me thunder feet
If you want a war I'm not the one to meet, I'm not sure I'm the sweet
I'm like a tropic in the summer, come with heat
Not to blow my own brass but I'm having a blast
Spendin my paper fast
Think I'm movin around, start havin' a laugh
Competition's lookin' over bars and I'm last nice
Be fragile, reppin the underclass
Miss me with your problems 'cause I can't be yours
Who Jeremy call, I look at the wall
You star, we size 'em all
You like to profile, you just a child that's in denial
Now you're on trial
You should bring the mind with me while we're flexin
Good with nothing but a swagger and the crooked fall
Hentai but never get rinced out 'cause I stay fresh out
No doubt, don't say no
I'm giving a proper, keep a pitch out
I'm sittin' here, I don't think about her
I'm black tie, I'm tweeted up
It's amazing what you can when you put your finger up

(Bridge: Teddy Sky)
Now now I was way through the fire
Yeah yeah I got the eye of the tiger
So tell me, what's gonna stop me now
God knows that I put in the hours
I can't lose now, I got the power
Be at the top blowin' smoke in the sky
But I'mma take it just a little bit higher

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