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This song is by Divingstation95 and appears on the album Lonely Souls (2018).

When I was at summer camp in high school
We would sit outside the cafeteria when we were finished with lunch
To wait for the period to be over
And there were all these bees outside the cafeteria
Where people would sit normally
And it was becoming a problem
Somebody left a cup of soda out there and came back
And the next day the cup was full of dead bees
They would try to get the sugar and fall in and drown
And there were more landing on it
And even though there were dead bees floating in the drink
They kept trying to get at it, and they kept drowning
They would try to crawl down the sides of the glass
And they'd slip and land on top of the other dead bees
And they'd be visibly struggling to get out
But other bees would still land on the edges of the cup
And try to carefully get at the sugar
And again they would fall, and struggle, and eventually sink

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