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This song is by DIR EN GREY and appears on the album THE MARROW OF A BONE (2007).

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Wake up you're dead

Doing meaningless shit over and over
I'm just a third-rated star covered in blood
See the prince on the rocking horse, his polished face looks cool
I'm just gonna spill my guts on you

Under the name of Justice
You can't break my soul
Under the name of Justice
Kill yourself
Think, you moron
Fall out of line you cockroach

Right, left, front and back, it overflows with despair and pain
They say this anger, this emotion and this passion is all a lie
I'm not even trying to justify myself

The dark dark Sunday, the blood stains
You can't save yourself
The dark dark Sunday, the blood stains
One day I will fuck your parents

This is the last time
Welcome to the garden of destruction


The night is cold and long
The night sky is deep and wide

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