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Album by Dio.

Disc 1

  1. Hoochie Koochie Lady by Elf
  2. I'm Coming Back For You by Elf
  3. Carolina County Ball by Elf
  4. Man On The Silver Mountain by Rainbow
  5. Starstruck by Rainbow
  6. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll by Rainbow
  7. Neon Knights by Black Sabbath
  8. Children Of The Sea by Black Sabbath
  9. Heaven And Hell by Black Sabbath
  10. Turn Up The Night by Black Sabbath
  11. The Sign Of The Southern Cross by Black Sabbath
  12. The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath
  13. Voodoo by Black Sabbath
  14. Sacred Heart by Dio

Disc 2

  1. Stand Up And Shout by Dio
  2. Holy Diver by Dio
  3. Don't Talk To Strangers by Dio
  4. Straight Through The Heart by Dio
  5. Rainbow In The Dark by Dio
  6. We Rock by Dio
  7. The Last In Line by Dio
  8. Egypt (The Chains Are On) by Dio
  9. King Of Rock And Roll by Dio
  10. Hungry For Heaven by Dio
  11. Dream Evil by Dio
  12. All The Fools Sailed Away by Dio
  13. Lock Up The Wolves by Dio
  14. Strange Highways by Dio

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