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Pierce the Morning Rain

This song is by Dinosaur Jr. and appears on the album I Bet On Sky (2012).

Tried the morning rain, it tastes the same
But I don't blame the split
Pulled one over but I stole her fair and square
You must admit

Pierced the morning rain
My eyes again
She can't go if I don't know
I'm going in

Had a look around, I scoured the town
And I refused to quit
Causing quite a stir all over her
Our bed, you must admit

Pierce the morning rain
I'm free again
Others would've split
I stuck to you, my friend

I won't abide
I'll bet on sky
To get me through this life

You tell me out of touch
Is it that much?
It's better just to sleep

Not sure what's the plan
But you're away
And I can't make that leap

Pierce the morning rain
I'm here again
Aren't you glad I came
I saw you, my friend

I won't abide
I'll bet on sky
Get me through this life


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