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No One Man

This song is by Dinah Washington and appears on the album Back to the Blues (1963).

Well, you say you want a home where you'll be king
Where only your word will go
You'll have to pardon my expression, master
'Cause, you see, don't no one man stop my show

You say you want a home where I'll be a slave
Right or wrong, you're in the know
Well, you see, I don't need no dictator
And don't no one monkey run my show

Wherever you go, I'm gonna be right there
I'll clean and wash and do the cooking, dear
But, please don't try to rule me
Because Mama has already schooled me

You say you want a home where you are boss
Like a being tender might make it so
As long as we can do it fifty-fifty
Then, baby, maybe one time you will be able stop the show
Other than that
No one man, uh uh, no, don't stop my show

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