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No Hard Feelings

This song is by Dinah Washington and appears on the album Back to the Blues (1963).

Ah no
No hard feelings
Go on your merry way

If you don't love me anymore
Let's call it a day
What more can I say?

Other than
I ain't got no hard feelings towards you
So, please don't try to explain

Gone is the happiness
We both shared
And only tear drops remain

It's over
Yes, it's over
So there's no use
No use pretending

'Cause it's over
You heard me?
It's over
Go on other happy endings

No, no, no
No hard feelings
But you may kiss me as you pass the door

I wish you
All the happiness
'Cause I guess I still
Still love you so

But there's no hard feelings
'Cause I still
Oh, yes
I love you so

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