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Bad Luck

This song is by Dinah Washington.

I'm used to misfortune, baby
Used to the bitter end
I'm used to trial and troubles
'Cause I never had a friend--bad luck

Well, well, bad luck
Well, I'm used to trial and troubles
Bad luck don't bother me

I'm used to takin' beatings
Used to being alone
Used to be mistreated
With nobody to call my own--bad luck

Lord, lord, lord, lord, bad luck
Yes, I'm used to being mistreated
Bad luck don't bother me

I'm used to being broke
Used to being sad
I'm used to lousy people
And I'm used to being mad

A bad luck, yeah, yeah, yeah, bad luck
Oh, bad luck and lousy people
No, no, no, they don't bother me

I've been takin' for a fool
Been takin' for a square
Been used for a tool
And I've been told that I'm nowhere

Bad luck, oh, oh, bad luck, yeah, yeah, bad luck, bad luck
No, no, it don't bother me
Right now I'm just a cool little fool
And bad luck don't bother me


Written by:

Dinah Washington; Juanita Hill

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