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Am I Blue?

This song is by Dinah Washington and appears on the album After Hours With Miss "D" (1954) and on the compilation album First Issue: The Dinah Washington Story (1993).

I'm just a woman, a lonely woman
Waiting on the weary shore
I'm just a woman who's only human
One you should feel sorry for

It was a morning, long before dawn
Without a warning I found he was gone
How could he do it, why should he do it
He never done it before

Am I blue, am I blue
Ain't these tears in these eyes telling you
How can you ask me am I blue
Why, wouldn't you be too
If each plan with your man
Done fell through

There was a time
When I was his only one
But now I'm the sad and lonely one... lonely
Was I gay, until today
Now he's gone, and we're through
Am I blue

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