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Penetrations From The Lost World (1997)

Dimension Zero - Penetrations From the Lost World

Penetrations From the Lost World

  1. Through The Virgin Sky
  2. Dead Silent Shriek
  3. Forgotten... But Not Forgiven
  4. Everlasting Neverness

2003 Re-Issue Bonus Tracks

  1. Condemned (unreleased)
  2. Helter Skelter (unreleased)
  3. Silent Night Fever (live)
  4. Not Even Dead (live)
  5. The Murder-Inn (live)
  6. They Are Waiting To Take Us (live)
  7. Through The Virgin Sky (live)

Silent Night Fever (2002)

Dimension Zero - Silent Night Fever

Silent Night Fever

  1. Silent Night Fever
  2. The Murder-Inn
  3. Through The Virgin Sky
  4. Your Darkest Hour
  5. Not Even Dead
  6. They Are Waiting To Take Us
  7. Until You Die
  8. End
  9. Slow Silence

This Is Hell (2003)

Dimension Zero - This Is Hell

This Is Hell

  1. The Introduction To What This Is
  2. Dimension Zero
  3. Immaculate
  4. Blood On The Streets
  5. Into And Out Of Subsistence
  6. The Final Destination
  7. Amygdala
  8. Killing My Sleep
  9. This Light
  10. Di'i Minores

He Who Shall Not Bleed (2007)

Dimension Zero - He Who Shall Not Bleed

He Who Shall Not Bleed

  1. He Who Shall Not Bleed
  2. Unto Others
  3. A Paler Shade Of White (A Darker Side Of Black)
  4. Hell Is Within
  5. Red Dead Heat
  6. I Can Hear The Dark
  7. Going Deep
  8. Is
  9. Deny
  10. The Was
  11. Way To Shine
  12. Stayin' Alive (cover of "Stayin' Alive" by Bee Gees)
  13. Rövarvisan (Session track found in Dimension Zero official site. Originally a children's song written by Thorbjørn Egner from the book People and Robbers of Cardemon Town)

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